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A career with ME is more than just a routine job. The empowerment to take decision on your assignment in a culture of high integrity and value systems is the key driver of our organization. We recognize that Human Resource are our most valuable resources, which bring competitive advantages to the company.

High Performance is encouraged and differentials through Performance Linked Annual Increases and variable Pay. In order to remain competitive in the Job Market. ME continuously benchmarks its compensation with industry. Further, to differentiate and reward high performance, the percentage of Variable Pay in total compensation is increasing Y-o-Y. Project teams completing projects ahead of schedule are recognized and additionally rewarded..

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The effectiveness of this process is evidenced through the number of In-Bred employees occupying senior management positions through accelerated career progression in the organization..

Career Progression is through a well defined policy which is linked to High Performance and Potential of employees. The assessment of competencies through performance management process helps in identification of the potential defines as ‘High / Medium / Limited’ and employees’ career progression is planned accordingly..

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