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Course Details
VM Certification helps a person to develop his skills through Implement, install, deploy, scale and manage a Vm ware vsphere environment and maintain its infrastructure. Working up in a vsphere environment and VM Certifications makes a person to enhance his carrier. Main topics includes Installing ESXi, Deploying & Management UI, Managing VMFS Datastores, Resource Pool Concepts, Resource Pool Concepts Vapps, Vsan, Troubleshooting VM Network Connectivity, Storage Policy-based Management (SPBM) , vSphere Update Manager, Cloning a VM From a VM. Micireds provides students special guidance for exam preparation.
Batches Regular Weekend Fast Track
Duration 40-45 Days 8 Weekend 15 Days
Hours Per Day 2 Hours 6 Hours 5 Hours
Demo Class Yes - 2 Days Yes - 1 Weekend Yes - 1 Day
VMware Certified Professional

Module 1 Welcome to vSphere

Module 2 Hypervisor Overview

Module 3 vSphere Overview

Module 4 Installing ESXi

Module 5 Using the DCUI

Module 6 The VMware Host Client

Module 7 Deploying the vCSA

Module 8 Adding Hosts to vCenter

Module 9 vCSA's Management UI

Module 10 Deploying a VM

Module 11 Virtual Switch (vSwitch) Overview

Module 12 vSwitch Creation and Configuration

Module 13 Adding More vSwitches

Module 14 iSCSI Datastore Concepts

Module 15 Creating an iSCSI Datastore

Module 16 Managing VMFS Datastores

Module 17 Creating an NFS Datastore

Module 18 VM Templates and Cloning

Module 19 Using Content Libraries

Module 20 Cloning a VM From a VM

Module 21 vMotion and Migration of VMs

Module 22 Using Snapshots

Module 23 VM Inventory and Renaming

Module 24 NIC Teaming and Other Standard vSwitch Policies

Module 25 Distributed vSwitch Concepts and Lab

Module 26 Distributed vSwitch - Additional Features

Module 27 vDS Feature Configuration

Module 28 Creating a DRS Cluster

Module 29 Affinity Rule Concepts

Module 30 Implementing Affinity Rules

Module 31 vSphere High Availability (HA) Concepts

Module 32 Implementing High Availability (HA)

Module 33 Testing vSphere High Availability (HA)

Module 34 Adding iSCSI Multipath

Module 35 Migrating VMKernel Adapters to a vDS

Module 36 VM CPU and Memory Control Overview

Module 37 Configuring VM CPU Limits and Reservations

Module 38 Using Resource Pools

Module 39 Resource Pool Concepts

Module 40 vApps

Module 41 Storage DRS

Module 42 VM Fault Tolerance (FT) Concepts

Module 43 vCenter Server Alarms

Module 44 Adding an LDAP Identity Source

Module 45 vCenter Permissions

Module 46 Troubleshooting vCSA Permissions

Module 47 vSAN

Module 48 vSAN Tidbits

Module 49 Troubleshooting vCSA Not Responding

Module 50 Storage Policy-based Management (SPBM)

Module 51 vSAN Fault Domains

Module 52 Storage IO Control (SIOC)

Module 53 ESXi Host Profiles

Module 54 vSphere Update Manager

Module 55 ESXi Shell, SSH, and CLI

Module 56 Auto Deploy Concepts

Module 57 ESXi Lockdown Mode

Module 58 Implementing FT

Module 59 Installing Windows Certificate Services

Module 60 Implementing Auto Deploy

Module 61 vCSA Integration with External CAs Overview

Module 62 Replacing vCSA Certificates Lab

Module 63 Troubleshooting Reservations

Module 64 Troubleshooting VM Network Connectivity

Module 65 Troubleshooting Admission Control

Module 66 Troubleshooting VM Fault Tolerance

Module 67 Monitoring CPU

Module 68 Working with Datastores

Module 69 Pluggable Storage Architecture

Module 70 vCenter High Availability (HA) Concepts

Module 71 vCenter HA Implementation

Module 72 Using VMware Docs and PDFs

Module 73 vCenter Converter

Module 74 Certification and Exam Prep Guidance